Wednesday, June 04, 2014

(garden blooms)

I am enjoying this season once again.


  1. Vibrant and beautiful!!

  2. Me too...but the allergies are formidable.

  3. Lovely! My peonies just opened up and the lilacs are just about to fall apart (so so sad). I have a bush in flower (not sure what it's called but the blossoms look like small trumpet-shapes). Do you have enough blooms in your beds to pick bouquets for the house?

    Dawn, I think of you when I read Susan Branch's blog. Have you seen it yet? Here is the link Let me know what you think!

    This morning I took Seth and Sarah for a walk and made myself stop and say hello to some retired neighbors. I was nervous about it bc it doesn't seem to be a "thing" to visit like that anymore, but we had a lovely little visit. They are believers so encouraging, too.

    Enjoy the day!

    1. Shanda~ There plenty of peony blooms to have bouquets, but we have allergies. I usually pick one bloom and float it in a dish. Loved the Susan Branch post. Have her on my blog reader. Always a pleasure.
      Happy day to you!
      D xo

  4. Such a lovely garden you have Dawn.

    Love your art - your DLP pages are beautiful and your mail art envelopes too. Lucky those who get one