Saturday, May 17, 2014

(more wips)

My friend, Jean, has a booth in an antique mall. She had a big garbage bag of vintage "cutter" linens. I am making some buntings for her to use/sell in her booth. 

Here is my DLP journal so far. 
Only 20 weeks in and it is bursting!!
The wrap will definitely help to keep it all together as the weeks tick on and I add more and more art to it. 


Rain, then sun.
Sun, then rain.
Warm, then cool.
Cool, then warm.
Will be happy when the warmer weather finally settles in.
It has been one of those weeks. 


Happy weekend, peeps!
D xo

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  1. What is it about lace? It makes you fall in love with it. Your bunting is lovely and your jounal looks very interesting.. you always inspire me to create something...thanks!