Tuesday, January 07, 2014

(warm sunshine)

Here in the northland, as in many parts of the country, we are experiencing frigid temperatures.
Last night, we were down to 20 below zero.
Today, we barely reached zero.
I spent a good part of the day working upstairs in my "hidey hole".
I opened the blinds and let the warmth in.
It was actually quite comfortable, even with the thermometer reading 64 degrees.
I could have turned it up, but did not need it. 
Two works in progress are now finished!

The hubs just checked the back porch thermometer.
It is 15 degrees below zero…at 6:53 PM.
Another cold night.

How are things in your neck of the woods?
Do tell.


  1. The coldest we got was -25 windchill. It was very blustery last night. I heard the pine trees scraping the windows throughout the night. It was an eerie, yet comforting sound. Tomorrow is suppose to be cold as well. Thankfully we aren't getting snow and hubby is able to be home with us instead of out plowing!

  2. Here in Georgia we are about the same ... frigid! This morning the low was 6 with wind chills of about 15 below zero. I think once you are that cold, what's a few more degrees! Like you, I have been staying busy finishing up a few projects. I've been making yarn pom-pom garlands for Valentines swaps. Stay warm!

  3. I call my sewing room my "hidey hole" too! Here in Virginia it is bitter cold as well. Great time to sew and knit. Stay warm! :)

  4. We were in the "arctic vortex" for a couple days and today had a high temp of 30*! We'll send it your way!

  5. We are only minus 1 here in Virginia. But we were in Canada for New Year's, and the kids ice skated at minus 12! This mama was a bit nervous about that! Glad we live in the normally warmer south.

  6. On the Indiana/Michigan state line here…we were under a state of emergency until noon yesterday. Temps dipped to minus 13. May be 40 above by Saturday though. Ready for a change.

  7. Only -5 this morning in WI by the Lake. Hoping for more warmth tomorrow. No school Monday and Tuesday because of the extreme wind chills (four days, this is day five). Praising God for heat and a new car battery (Fri.)! Glad you are keeping warm too, Dawn. ~Joyce

  8. It was in the 20's a couple of nights! Got above freezing during the days! I was still cold! I can't imagine living where it gets as cold as you and the commenters are sharing. Here in south Texas we like it HOT! Fortunately it's warmed up!