Thursday, December 26, 2013


 I like this nice addition to my office space.


  1. I like it also, God's grace is so sweet. We had a little snow the day after Christmas and the steady heat from the wood-burner is such a blessing.

    1. Wood heat is just SO warm and cozy this time of year. Hope you had a nice Christmas, M.

  2. I just came to say ' thank you' Dawn, for introducing me to jounaling on the 3x5 cards. I have started doing that again and really enjoy it. I want to wish you a wonderful New Year!. I was over on K's blog....she & hubby are in Japan (missionaries) and noticed they are a day ahead of us time wise. So they have already begun the New year. something I never think of....time changes. I look forward to seeing the things you will create in the New Year.

  3. A favorite! Grace is an amazing thing.

  4. I love that, too! And I had the same screensaver for December.... in fact it's still up!